Closet Swap: The Next Big Thing

I need to update my wardrobe for this year, but the problem is I’m kinda short on the budget for the moment. I really need to dispose these old outfits of mine and make room for new ones, but I cannot simply buy new clothes and dresses as my money is not enough. Lucky for me, I have a friend who told me about how I can update my outfits without having to spend for something new and she told me about this activity called a closet swap. A closet swap is when you and your friends will gather together and trade some clothes and dresses to one another. Itkinda sound like crazy for a moment, but I think it’s cool!

According to my friend, she and her sister have been doing this for a year now and some of the other girls from our neighborhood are also doing this. At first I was a bit hesitant about this closet swap thing, but thinking about my present situation right now I think this is a great chance for me to get some new fashionable dresses that I can use for parties and stuff.

And so my friend phoned in some of our other friends and she organized a closet swap to be done at my place over the weekend. I checked my closet and pulled out some of the outfits I wanted to trade. Then the weekend came and my gal friends came over bringing all their fashionable stuff like clothes, dresses, accessories, and shoes.

I traded some of my prom dresses offered by the green guide into sexy cocktail dresses which I can use in future parties in events. So I traded these lovely prom dresses which I have used only once:

And got these gorgeous looking homecoming dresses which are definitely hot and sexy: 

Aside from that, I also got a pair of nice stilettos that can be matched with these outfits and some lovely accessories (earrings, and bangles) to go with it. I also got a nice pair of Capri pants and some cool looking t-shirts.

I never thought trading outfits can be so fun because all of us were very satisfied with what we’ve got. Indeed, this closet swap thing is a worth-it activity and it really helped me in updating my outfits for this year.

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