Radiation protection suits review

Being pregnant working at the office is not easy. Doing work in some industry may be hard. You are at risk fire, electric shock, or arc flash. That is why it is essential to wear protective clothing. Even if you are not a lady radiation resistant clothes may be good for you. We did research and here are some of the best radiation protection suits.

Oursure’s anti-radiation maternity dress

If you are looking for radiation protection outfit, you will not be wrong by choosing this dress top. It is 15% polyester, 55% cotton and 30% metal fiber. It comes with modifiable long fastenings to ensure it fits your size. Regardless of your size, you can still use this maternity radiation resistance clothing to keep your baby safe.


  • Unlike other clothes, you can put it on top of your regular clothes to minimize the everyday risks for the incoming baby. This is because the fabric can block extra RF radiation.
  • It is stylish
  • It is safe on your skin
  • It feels comfortable on the body
  • It is to clean as you can wash it by hand without needing a machine.
  • It does not block your cell phone signal


  • While we couldn’t find any shortcoming in this dress, we discovered that it is highly priced.

INatural’s anti-radiation maternity

This is another outfit that will be great for you and your unborn child. It is 35.1 percent cotton, 25.5% metal fiber, and 39.4% polyester. The cloth offers 35dB RF radioactivity attenuation. It can block more RF radiation. You can wear the dress top to lessen the risks of daily radiation for the baby. This dress top is hand washable. However, you should avoid bleaching and dry cleaning it.


  • If you need something stylish, this dress top is for you. It is trendy and hence helping you to keep up with fashion.
  • It is comfortable, and therefore it will not affect you or your baby.
  • It is safe and therefore, you and the baby will not get hurt in any way.


  • It doesn’t have straps, and thus you need to get your exact size.
  • It is costly than the first one.

Anti-radiation belly top clothe from Oursure

This outfit comes last on our last, but it is one of the best. It is ideal for wearing especially during your first trimester. This belly top is 55 percent cotton, 30% metal, 100% cotton, and 15% polyester.  It comes in Apron style and has straps enabling you to adjust to your desired size.


  • It is easy to clean since it is hand washable.
  • It is comfortable because it is 100% cotton.
  • Ideal for the first trimester


  • We found out that users complained of the dress top blocking signal.

There are many outfits that you can wear to protect your baby from electric shock or radiation. Some are good to wear even when you are at seven or eight month. If you work all day using a computer, radiation protection suits are the best choice.

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