How to comb malaysian virgin curly hair bundles ?

In the beauty and virgin hair bundles markets, we have today, Malaysian hair bundles are becoming more and more popular for beauty enthusiasts on a daily basis. This hair type is extremely soft, thick, silky and lustrous. There are several kinds of this hair – straight, wavy, curly and lots more. Caring for this hair, especially when it comes to combing the curly virgin hair bundles, requires a lot of time and work. This curly hair type has little shedding, but there is still a minimal requirement for a normal amount of shedding. Combing the hair could be a bit tricky. However, these tips below can get you off to the right start;

Finger Combing

The very first step to note while combing the Malaysian hair bundles is finger combing. Instead of regular combing and brushing, run your fingers carefully through the hair to detangle it immediately. The fingers are the hairs’ best friend, and regular finger combing leaves the hair looking lush, and it would leave the curls bouncy. Before finger combing, be sure to use a little bit of water and conditioner to moisturize the hair a little bit before running your fingers through the hair. If this is frequently done, the curls would be strongly retained, and it’ll last longer than expected.

Brush When Wet

Don’t brush the Malaysian hair bundles when it’s dry. The only time you should brush the hair is when it’s wet, and that must be done with a wide tooth comb or a Denman brush. If you’re on your way out and you can’t wet the hair before brushing, use a very wide toothed comb to fix the situation. However, you must be careful not to do it more than twice in a day. If the hair is combed more than twice or thrice in a day, it causes shedding, tangling and eventually loosens the curls in the bouncy weave.

Untangle Carefully

Malaysian hair bundles rarely tangle, however, if you find your hair in a tangled situation, all hope isn’t lost. Untangling the hair regularly keeps the hair looking gorgeous for a lengthy period. To untangle, the first step is to portion the hair into four sections and clip them so they’ll stay. Concentrating on one potion at a time, comb the weave gently by using a wide tooth come. Never use a smaller comb as it’ll damage the hair. Start combing from the base; they move right up. In extreme tangle situations, use a spray detangler before combing the hair out.

Malaysian hair bundles are lovely, but they require a certain level of care and attention. These combing tips are also important to keep the hair bundles beautiful and attractive. Do your best to keep it looking well-combed at all times by making it effortlessly smooth and tangle- free which would give you that perfect look you deserve. With these tips above, be sure to take care of your hair properly to enable it last longer than expected.

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