Typing Games for the Learning of Kids

Typing games are usually intended to help children become skilled at typing. Today there numerous typing games designed for children of varied ages. There are kids typing games that you will get online for free while there are those that come at fee. Most typing lessons for kids come in the form of games because typing games should let kids type for fun. With motivation children are more likely to learn new skills fast and effectively. The main mission of children’s games is to provide the young ones with a fun way that helps them master their keyboarding skills as well as words spelling.

How can parents or teachers make keyboarding fun to the children?

Making keyboarding fun helps to boost the child’s interest in typing and this way the child may master the skill fast. A good way to help your child get interested in keyboarding is to introduce challenges to them at the right times and then reward them if they do it right. When a child knows that at the end of a successful keyboarding session, there will be a reward, the child will want to repeat the activity over and over again. The reward could be in the form of a certificate or having the child’s name appear on the high scores.

In a school set-up for instance, a teacher may bring about the idea encouraging the children in a class to compete with each other by typing fast. At the end of the typing competition the child who finishes top gets rewarded with a certificate.

A word per minute (WPM) test game should be assigned to children based on their age and also ability. If you have kids who are younger, you may want to set the timer to session of 30 seconds. This makes the test easy for the children to achieve and this way they get encouraged to do even more.

Benefits of keyboarding skills for kids

  • It helps to improve the child’s hand to eye coordination.
  • It provides an alternative to children who have issues with handwriting.
  • Helps to enhance the child’s typing speed.
  • The child may have more possibility to get a job later on in life.
  • Helps the kids to master words spelling and their vocabulary.

Appropriate time to introduce a child to touch-type

Touch-typing is a basic art that is vital for every child out there who wants to be an expert typist later on in life. To master it, there needs to be lots of practice, patience and time. Introducing your kid to typing by teaching finger placement on the keyboard keys early is good. This makes the kid build on his/her typing speed and accuracy. You may want to introduce your kid to the keyboard as early as 3 or 4 years. As the child keeps aging they grow understanding the basics of typewriting so that by the time the child is around 7 or 8 years old the child will be great.

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