Learn How to Blow Dry Your 4C Hair Without Heat Damage

Most naturalista’s decide to stop using heat on their hair because of all of the negative press. We hear horror stories all of the time. Granted we love our culs, but sometimes you want a change! There’s nothing like swapping your ringlets out for a light and fluffy mane every once in a while.

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve managed to stretch your blow out for a week by dodging raindrops and avoiding Zumba class. Inevitably, the time comes for you to say goodbye to your new do, wash and treat your hair. Naturally, you jump in the shower expecting for your hair to spring back into your gorgeous little coils.

Sadly, the very shape of your strands have drastically changed! You see limp stringy curls, and some of your strands are even straight?! Sorry sis, you’ve just become a victim of heat damage!

It normally just takes one instance of heat damage for naturalista’s to entirely swear off of heat styling, but I’m here to tell you, you can have healthy natural hair and use heat.

I know, shocking right?

It’s all about using heat the right way! Here are some of my tips for heat styling naturally curly hair.


Gather your tools

Heat Protectant

Hair Clips

Wide toothed Comb

Paddle Brush

Clarifying Shampoo

Deep Conditioner

Microfiber Towel/Old T- Shirt


Wash and Deep Condition your hair

If you have been following Sassina Hairthen you already know that we are huge proponents for healthy hair. In order to make sure you have healthy hair after you have finished blow drying, it’s important to start with clean healthy.

Wash your hair with a clarifying conditioner, to remove any product build up you may have. Then follow it up with a moisturizing deep condition.

 Don’t forget to always section your hair.

If you have never washed and deep conditioned your hair in sections– you need to start! It makes the entire process so much simpler and quicker. Don’t forget to detangle!

 Partially Dry your hair

A common mistake new curlies make is blowing dry soaking wet curls. First off, drying drenched curls takes forever! Not to mention, in order to protect your strands from heat damage, it’s important to limit the amount of time you apply heat to your curls.

Once you are done deep conditioning grab a microfiber toweland lightly dry your tresses. Your hair should still be damp to the touch, but not sopping wet. Don’t have a microfiber towel? You can always use an old T shirt instead.

When you start trying don’t scrunch, rub and tossel your strands! Simply, tie your hair up into a turban and let the towel do the rest.

 Apply a heat protectant

Before you begin your blow drying process, you need to shield your hair. There are tons of great heat protectants out there to choose from. One of my personal staples is the Tressemme Heat Protectant spray!

If you are trying to stay away from chemicals or you’re a die hard Curly Girl Method follower there are natural heat protectants out there. Many naturalista’s swear by using coconut oil for various reasons.

For one, you probably already have a jar of coconut oil either in your pantry or under your sink, so using coconut oil can be easier and thriftier than purchasing a heat protectant. Not to mention, coconut oil is great for sealing in all of the moisture your hair needs to thrive.

Continue to detangle with a wide tooth comb or your fingers while applying your heat protectant so that every single strand is coated.

Use Medium to Low Heat

Just because your blow dryer has a “high” heat setting, does not mean you are supposed to use it! In fact, using the high heat setting can spell disaster for your tresses. The less heat you use, the better chance you have of having healthy moisturized hair that is not dry and brittle.

Opt for the medium to low heat setting and save your strands.

Perfect Blow Drying Technique


Always section your hair before blow drying! This will make sure that the heat is evenly distributed  and it will also help you avoid those dreaded knots and tangles.

Take a small section of your hair and angle the blow dryer down. You can use your paddle brush and the blow dryer to simultaneously brush and down the length of your hair.  The smaller you make each section of hair, the fewer times you’ll have to pass the blow dryer through your strands.

Use the Cold Shot to polish off your look

Have you ever wondered when to use the cold shot setting on your dryer? Right after you have finished blow drying your curls!

Even the lowest heat setting causes the cuticles in your hair to open up. When the cuticles remain open, it can cause the hair to lose all of the moisture you applied during the deep conditioning phase.

The blast of cold air closes the cuticle and locks in the moisture. Not to mention, it’ll make your hair glossier and reduce frizziness.

Don’t throw out your blow dryer

The key to heat styling your hair is moderation. You don’t have to be terrified of using your blow dryer as long as you follow our easy to use blow drying guide.

If you want to turn up your blow out up a notch, check out our amazing line of yaki straight clip in’s.

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