What are the main features of the gothic wind

When people imagine of Gothic style they think of this flashy men and women dressed in all-black outfits, flashy makeup, and tights. However, the gothic style is not what people imagine. Instead, it is a reflection of inner temperament. Its origin is also traced back to the middle ages where there was persecution of witches. Therefore Gothic style has a wide scope because you will see it in clothes, paintings, sculptures, and architectural designs.

Features of Gothic style

Gothic style is depicted in text, clothing architecture and sculptures. Lets us take a look at some of these Features.


The gothic architectural design was very predominant in the Renaissance era. They were seen in most of the cathedral designs and other structures of that time. Even today, most of the architectural designs draw some concepts from the Gothic style. These structures were characterized by elongated and pointed structures, gloominess, tinted glass windows, and mythical monsters.

Here are some characteristics of this design.

Pointed arch

Pointed arches are common in Gothic architecture. These arches are believed to spread the weight of the vault to other parts of the buildings such as load-bearing columns and support to free up the excessive weight that could be exerted on the walls.


The vault technique used in this style can be a fan or a ribbed vault. The difference between these two types of vaults is the structure of the ribs. However, both are very essential in the construction of Gothic architecture. The addition of more ribs to these designs implies there will be an effective transfer of weight to allow the building to remain strong.


Gothic architectural has lots of sculptures of Kings, prophets and patriarchs which were carved out of stone. There was the gargoyle which acted as sculptural waterspout which prevented rainwater from running down the walls.


This is also another common feature that you will not miss to spot in architectural design. It closely resembles flying buttresses but it is constructed so that it can deflect the pressure downwards.


Spires were also largely used In most cathedrals. They gave a religious impression which brought a feeling of lightness through its radical skeletal structure and heights.


The features that we have seen in architectural design were also seen in the clothing. During the middle ages, clothing made from velvet or silk was for the royal because it was expensive fabric. Men clothing has the following attributes: Standing collars, pointed hats, sharp and elongated shoes, lush sleeves of caftans and frock coats.

Additionally, black was the predominant color in both the clothing. Fabrics with florals ornaments were also largely worked by the ladies. Materials that are used in Gothic clothing are vinyl, silk, velvet, mesh, and leather. When they are blended with the color combination in makes this style more catchy and emphasizes the solemnity and gloominess. Gothic style portrays mystical and mysterious imagery which can also be seen in Gothic accessories.

Gothic Font

Gothic style is also seen in text and it is commonly known as black-letter typeface which was used in ancient scripts. This style is known for its elaborate swirls, dramatic thick and thin strokes. It portrays a dark Image which is a true reflection of the Gothic style.

Steampunk Dark Mystical Fete Black Lace Gothic Women’s Long Coat.

Gothic style presents a lot of options to accommodate the vast fans of this style. Well, I am very passionate about steampunk goth because it has a blend of cybergoth and Victoria. Its rising popularity is escalating at an alarming rate which made it one of my favorite outfits.

The following are the advantages of this outfit.

When it comes to quality, it is one of the best that you can ever have. It provides the necessary warm during winter as you remain classy. Its fur makes it stylish and if you want to appear more goth then putting on the cape will perfectly complement the Gothic style. The flowery pattern and velvet fabric make it one of the best Gothic long coat. Black long boots or heels make you appear more classy. Therefore, during winter this is an all-time option to keep yourself warm and at the same time, you look elegant.

Black Hooded Halloween Bat Sleeve Tree Branch Printing Gothic Long Sleeve Long Style Vision Dress

Do you want to appear more Gothic? Well, this is one of the most explicit all-black Gothic dresses that will compliment your needs.



This outfit is characterized by its black dominant color which is the true image if goth style. It portrays solemnity which makes it among the top outfit selection for a Halloween party.


This outfit has bat sleeves as a sign of a Halloween outfit. The sleeves are widespread and have extended edges. One of the most unique features about this outfit is that it has branded branch printings. It makes it look more mystical because the branches are extended all over the dress layout. You can make your style more elegant by wearing a velvet Gothic choker. Additionally, Its hood is very significant because it makes it appear more glamorous.


This outfit presents one of the finest materials. Cotton and spandex are the major materials that are used in making this dress. You are guaranteed of exceptional quality as you prepare for the Halloween party.

Generally, Black Hooded Halloween Bat Sleeve Tree Branch Printing Gothic Long Sleeve Long Style Vision Dress is the best choice to take. If you are a goth girl then I will recommend this outfit. Despite its dark image, it is still glamorous and stylish. You can be creative enough and blend in with your style and glamour.


Black makeup works well with this outfit. .You can apply dark eyeliner and eyeshadow sparingly. Besides, apply dark lipstick so that it can match perfectly well. When it comes to the facial makeup use foundation so that it can bring a distinctive image on the lips and eye makeup. Pink lipstick can also compliment your look.

Gothic fashion has a long history and its popularity is flourishing in modern society. It has lots of style and glamour surrounding its mystical and solemn appearance. Therefore, all you need to do is to identify your perfect outfit and make the most out of it. Stay classy with Gothic fashion.

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